Donor/Sponsor Program

Financial Contribution Levels:

$ 5,000 Corporate/Private Sponsor
$ 2,500 Stradivarius Level
$ 1,000 Maestro Level
$ 500 Conductor
$ 250 Concertmaster
$ 100 Stage Crew

NYS is a non-profit corporation. Contributions are entirely tax-deductible !!! (Tax ID # 36-4380167)

We welcome fellow teachers/musicians to help out with rehearsals and new referrals. Stipends available.

NYS is always in need of community and parent volunteers for fundraising and other concert-related activities. Come join us!

Past Contributors

Maestro Level ($ 1,000)

Dr. Dragomir Jovanovic & Family

Conductor ($ 500)

Dago Family
Zale Family/Carpet Castle
Bill Schuett/Dilapidated Art
Pamela Szalacha
Ralph Boyd/A440 Violin Shop

Stage Crew ($ 100)

Baumeister Electronic Architects
Monica George
Trinity Irish Dance
Johanna Yeager
Evelyn Lavery
Judie Green/Auditorium Theatre
Central-Higgins Optometrists
Gartner Orthodontics
Dr. Bruce Blacker & Family
Brian & Cathy Quigley
Mike & Cathy Cahill
William Oliver
Poulos Family/Margie's Candies
Evelyn Lavery