NSYS: General Information


*Regular attendance is expected. Only 2 absences during the semester are allowed.
*Students missing more than 2 rehearsals are required to attend a make-up rehearsal
*Come prepared with music and pencil.
*Treat the conductor and fellow musicians with courtesy and respect.
*Put away your chair and stand at the end of rehearsal
*No food or drink in the rehearsal classroom


*Participation in concerts and dress rehearsals is Mandatory
*Concert attire for boys: black pants, black button down long-sleeved shirt, musical tie provided by NYS, black shoes
*Concert attire for girls: black dress or skirt (knee length), black blouse, black shoes


*Every student's family is required to participate in the semester fundraiser in lieu of paying tuition fees OR they
may elect to opt out of the fundraiser and donate the required amount directly to NYS